Drifter’s Day at the Spa

My Guardian is taking me somewhere….

We go to a place that specializes in swim massage for dogs.

My guardian seems worried, I sense fear.

We enter a room of warmth…moisture…soft lights and music…

There is a feeling of happiness here but haven’t they noticed I am old?

Who is the lady offering me cookies? She seems friendly and kind.

Before I know it … she picks me up and we’re in the water, I’m sitting on her lap.

She is petting me and I feel safe. As I am safely held in the water,

I feel nurtured and beautiful.

There are no expectations… What was I worried about?

I can’t remember but it doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

I feel painless and light, allowing the water to do its magic.

It’s like silk against my fur and skin… moving and gliding…safe.

The warm water embraces my muscles and there is no weight… it’s like flying.

I feel graceful… moving… stretching… dancing in the water.

Breathing comes easy…. Everything is easy!

My guardian seems to have let go of something...

Fear…Expectations... Sadness.

A new sense of joy and happiness has crept in…

Everything seems different now…hard to explain…

I guess it doesn’t really matter!

From LaPaw Spa