We offer cold laser therapy treatment. This is used on dogs to treat pain and swelling,  to speed up healing in muscles, tendons, skin and other soft tissue. It can reduce the amount of bacteria in affected areas. Common conditions that cold laser therapy is used to treat include muscular injuries, tendinitis, post surgery sites, fast wound healing, reduce inflammation, arthritis and many other conditions.

We are the only Hydro-thermal and Recreational swim facility in NE Ohio and provide warm    water exercise for your Canine Best Friend!    

OPEN  during  scheduled appointment times

Appointments times are 30 minutes

Swims are 27 minutes with 3 minutes for drying.    

Monday Evenings   

Wednesday:  Mornings, Late Afternoons, and Evenings       

Friday:  Mornings            

Saturday:  Mornings and Early Afternoons

     Owner are not permitted in the pool with their dogs. Owners are able to stand in the pool room to watch and/or interact with their dogs, by throwing toys and to reassure them.  Owners may  take pictures and/or videos. We provide staff to swim with your dog at all times. Dogs are fitted with Life Jackets, when needed. 


Swim:   $61.00 / 1/2 hour

Package of 3   $174.00

Cold Laser Treatment : $20.00