What a great experience we had at Scrappy's first "swim class" today. From entering in tears at Scrappys inability to stand, to seeing him come close to a trot this evening, we are amazed and thankful. We know this will be a long rehab for Scrappy, but being able to even consider that he has a chance to walk again (without falling over) gives us tears of joy! Thank you, thank you for your gentle touch and patience with all of us today. We can't wait until next Wednesday!!!

The Friends

Dear Judy and Beth,

Chief, our 14.5 year old Chocolate Lab, has been dealing with an arthritic hip for several years.  Unfortunately, it has been interfering with his favorite activity - his daily walk.  Since he was a puppy, we have walked virtually every day, 7 days a week, every week, rain, snow, or sunshine.  In the last few years the walks are not as far or as fast, but we still go.  We noticed how it was a struggle for Chief to get up and walk, and he usually has to lay down and rest every few houses.  However, it still makes his day.
In April he was really struggling, to the point where we needed a pet carrier to assist his walking when his hip would fail him.  About that time we discovered Healing Waters, and we decided to take him there as it was very sad to see him struggle with his walks.  His first swim went amazingly well, and he seemed to have a little more energy that week.  Chief is into his second month, once-a-week swim, and we could not be happier!  He is able to walk his normal route (about three blocks) now with less resting stops!  He is even able to get up on his own better than before, and he has an easier time getting into and out of the car also.

The care that Healing Waters provides is impeccable - Judy swims Chief each week, making sure he uses the hind leg of his bad hip.  She takes the time to exercise him properly, as well as let him rest in between laps.  Although able to get into the pool on his own, he needs the lift to get his 100 pound Lab body out.  They all take care to get him into the harness and lower him safely to the ground - then help dry him as he gets a little rest from his work out!

The warm water and dedicated staff have made a difference in our Chief's life.  A dog can swim anywhere, but the clean, warm water of Healing waters is definitely the right choice.  We hope our Chief continues to keep strong so he can enjoy his daily activities.  And, we hope others will find the healing too!!
Jill Vukovich, PharmD and J.R. Ratkovsky


Gibon's Testimonial:

Gibson, an 11 year old springer, came to us after being hit by a car. He had a concussion and was unable to use his legs to stand or walk. He arrived in this sled and had to be carried up our ramp to the pool.   Once in the water, he was able to use his legs and swim appropriately.  After several months of swimming with us, and his owners hard work at home, he progressed to a Canine Wheelchair, to walking with support and eventually walking in to swim!  This journey has been so exciting and a part of Gibson's recovery and the wonderful testimonial to the power of water.  This is why we do what we love! Gibson is on our video page during his first swim lesson. He is using his legs and after several months, he has been able to transfer this to land. Check it out! 

Swimmer Puppy

Joanne Young

The moment I was hoping for had arrived!  The first born of my first litter, but something was wrong.  The puppy was stuck in the birth canal, and because of that, her life had already changed.  Those first few days and weeks were so hard for both of us.  Belle would cry and cry all day and night.  She needed to be fed through a tube or bottle.  She was back to the vet several times in those first few weeks.  I researched exercises and ideas to help her.  I built her a little gym next to the whelping box, but it was not enough.  The vet told me it would take a "village to raise her", and so with tears streaming down my cheeks, I knew I needed help.  I immediately called Healing Waters.  Several of my other dogs already swam there for pleasure, but now I needed help on a different level.  They told me to come right now, straight from the vet's office.  Upon arrival, little Belle, 3 weeks of age, wrapped in a pink blanket was lovingly held and taken into the warm pool.  It was only for a few minutes, but I knew we were we needed to be.  Every few days, Belle was visiting HW for therapy. She was held and then gently lifted in and out of the water until she kicked her feet and screamed.  We cried!  She was actually moving her legs.  It did not take more than a few weeks and that little puppy was swimming in circles around the ladies in the water.  At about 7 weeks of age, Belle took her first real steps on land!  She continued visiting Healing Waters every week for several years.  She loved to swim now and could swim, with her little life jacket, like a fish.  She got stronger and stronger.  The vet could not believe how she progressed.  From this point in her young life, we began agility classes and worked hard with her.  She was different!  She learned in different ways than other dogs, but she learned.  One day she ran an entire agility course to a standing ovation!  She had made it to a level that nobody would have ever believed.  Yes, it took a village, lots of work and dedication from many people, but I will be forever grateful for the Healing Water's owners and staff for their special love and support to give Belle the chance to be mobile and enjoy life to her fullest!!

Swimmer Puppy's Videos

My long hair dachshund Baxter Boo has had back problems since 2009,he is now 11 years old. In 2014, during a IVDD flare up he lost the ability to walk and had frequent relapses when the pain would return. A co-worker told me about Healing Waters Canine Experience. We made an appointment and the water therapy has been wonderful for Baxter Boo, since starting weekly water therapy he is regaining strength in his back legs, the feeling in his back legs is returning and every week I see more and more progress with his recovery.

Shari, Kevin & Baxter Boo (2015)

My Sully is an 11 going on 12 year old 85lb. mixed breed. He has always been extremely active, very much the hunter, digger and runner.  Sully sustained a back injury and was unable to bend his right hind knee.  Because of the way he moved to compensate for his injury, arthritis in his right hip was exacerbated and the muscle in his leg started to atrophy. A friend suggested Healing Waters. There was a marked improvement after just a few swims. Sully can now bend his knee and his disposition has improved. Sully's vet is very impressed with his progress and I could not be more pleased .  Everyone at Healing Waters is fantastic. I feel Beth and Judy care as much about Sully and his recovery as I do.   How fortunate we are to have a facility such as this !

Michele and Sully (2014)

Healing Waters is great therapy and exercise for our Dachshund, Thumper, who hurt his back and was unable to use his back legs to walk.  We take him twice a week for swimming. Not only did "our baby" learn to swim but he is up on his feet again and he even lost a little bit of weight. The cardio and the exercise would have been impossiblewithout the swimming. The staff is great as well and they know exactly what is best for him. We are grateful and will recommend Healing Waters to everyone we can.

Cassie and Phil Dobransky (2013)


Beth and Judy, Ivo wanted to say thanks for the enjoyment and pain relief he receives from his swimming sessions and Cold Laser Therapy. You make it look soo easy with your experience and expertise in the field. The environment that you create is also amazing and we will never forget what you have done for Ivo, and what you did for our late Great Maddie. I just wanted to everyone at Healing Waters

Ivo, Tim and Sherry (July, 2013)

Our 9 year old Basset Hound, Axe, had surgery in August 2012 for a slip disc in his neck.  He had no use of his back legs and his front paws were crossed and locked tight.  We were told it could take 4 - 6 months for him to start walking.  If after 6 months he still wasn't walking, he would not walk again.  We started taking him to therapy at Healing Waters in October.  Beth, Judy and the staff were truly our saving grace.  Just shy of his 4 month recovery, Axe started walking.  Every session was not only a healing process for Axe, but a healing process for us as well.  It provided the opportunity to meet and talk with people who share the same love for their pet and the same challenges we were facing with Axe's situation.  We went from watching Axe float around on a raft holding tightly to Judy's shoulder for comfort to watching him swim like a champ on his own like he never missed a beat!  There truly are no words to express our gratitude!!  Thank you so much for helping us give our boy a second chance! 

Rob, Rachel and Axe Morton (January, 2013)

We would like to thank Beth and Judy for their expertise and undivided attention they have given our dog Cody. Cody, a Brittany, was a very active dog. He ran off leash for at least 1 hr a day through the fields across the street from our home. He demanded his hikes every day. About a year and a half ago he was running through the field and slipped on ice and hurt his back and has been going downhill ever since. He started to lose strength in his back legs, which aggravated an old injury in his front wrist. Cody got to a point where he could barely get up and down and was having a very hard time getting on and off the bed and couch. Our vet told us there was little we could do but to put him on 2 Ibuprofen a day and Gluecosimine Chondroitin therapy, the Ibuprofen barely kept him comfortable. Cody wasn't Cody any longer (very sad). We began to worry he would get to the point where he wouldn't be able to go outside to go to the bathroom. Then we discovered Healing Waters. His first session didn't go very well; he was in the water for 5 min of the 30 min session. Cody has now completed his 13th session and he is truly his old self again. He now swims for nearly the whole 30 min and he jumps on and off the bed and couch without thought or hesitation. We are now back to his every day hikes and he is playing with his toys again. We are dedicated to his water therapy as long as Healing Waters exists.....Thank you so much Judy and Beth for giving us back our old "Cody The Dog"

Rick and Diane Blessing




I just had to tell you that we all noticed a big difference in Max after his swim Saturday.  He really seemed to be walking better over the weekend and I think he was pretty pleased with himself too.  It is hard to believe the short time he was in the water made so much difference, but there is no other explanation.  We are looking forward to our next visit.

Max's Mom

Zach and Bogart

When we first got Bogart, he was a puppy full of energy and life. He had a  nonstop motor. As he has gotten older, he is still full of life but with less energy. What Healing Waters has done for Bogart has been awesome. He has more energy than before, Bogart is 14 years old and gets around like he is half his age. What I like about Healing Waters is that everyone who is part of the company is so kind, goodspirited and caring. It is very clean and provides a good, relaxing time. To everyone that has taken Healing Waters and made it into the real deal... Thank you so much.   

Hunter loves swimming at Healing Waters.  It gives him extra exercise and tires him out.  He is a four year old Black Lab with hip dysplasia and arthritis so it is very good for his condition.

Racheal & Haley

Kenzie is nearly 16 years old.  As a younger Scottie, she went against the idea that Scotties don't swim.  She loved and enjoyed the water and so enjoyed swimming in Lake Erie.  Today, her third visit at Healing Waters, she was relaxed and so very happy.  I cried tears of joy to see her "young again".  This has helped her during the week to have much less arthritic pain


Lynette and Major

Words cannot express how excited my rescued Golden Retriever Major is when we pull up to Healing Waters every week for his "swimming lessons" as I refer to it!  Having already been diagnosed at age 4 with limited range of motion in his hips, his weekly swimming lessons have strengthened his back end giving him flexibility and strength, not to mention tiring him out for the rest of the night!  He excitedly waits at the door to the pool, barking if it isn't his turn to go in. He can't wait for the first toy to be thrown to him.... his favorite being the lobster.  Judy and Beth are both so wonderful and Major happily greets his 2 and 4 legged friends as he eagerly waits for his turn to jump off the deck and start swimming. What a blessing it is to have Healing Waters in our community.


Healing Waters is great!  The staff really take care of your pet and provide a wonderful water experience.  Stewart looks forward to going "swimming" every week. I highly recommend this facility!

Valerie and Stewart

My name is Stewart and I am a 3 year old Steel Blue Merle Sheltie. I have Poly Arthritis and my joints and muscles feel so much better since I have started at Healing Waters. I don't really swim in the 90 degree pool, I just float and sometimes I fall asleep since I am so relaxed.  Tell your mommy to take you to Healing Waters for swimming or floating so you can be pampered too.


Toby Griffin

I know it has been a long time since I was at Healing Waters and I should have barked you a note a long time ago, but I have been very busy helping my partner Brenda as she has been really sick. I try to be a big golden help to her as she suffers in pain all the time. I used to be able to help her more, but now it is harder for me because my arthritis bothers me because I am 12 1/2 years old. The day I got to spend at Healing Waters truly helped me heel again. I now walk beside her wheelchair and pick up things when she drops them on the floor. We can't come to see you right now cause she has to stay in bed all day. But guess what girls, I can now get on her bed so we can share our bedtime treat of graham crackers and vanilla pudding. She eats the pudding and I get the yummy graham crackers. Even though, I was scared of the water; without the two of you I wouldn't be able to heel myself by healing my best friend and partner for life. Many barks, wags and licks for healing the both of us.


Dr. Todd Schneider

Shakespeare belonging to the Josephs has had a remarkable improvement in mobility since he has been doing therapy at Healing Waters. We highly recommend this for our older patients.


Duane C. Stewart, DVM (Fulton Animal Hospital)

I examined "Ivo" on 4-26-11 and noticed how fit "Ivo" seems. I suspect a lot has to do with the exercise he is getting at Healing Waters. It has made a difference.


Ron and Jeanie Naugle MacKensie...Golden Prince of Pelf

This place is a "GodSend" for our Golden Retriever, MAX. Due to surgerical repair on both knees, he was left immoble until (only) one leg healed enough to be useful. The muscles were atrophying due to lack of use. Swimming was the answer--- We had no idea Healing Waters existed! Thanks to the Certified dedicated ladies who work with Mackie weekly, he has gained muscle mass and is stronger with every session. He had never swam before--- now he is woking his rear legs and propelling himself thru the water on his own. They use a hydraulic lift with a torso belt to get him in and out of the pool. Soon he will be jumping off the ramp and into the water by himself. You need to see this place! and how gentle and kind Beth and Judy are with our 11 yr. old Golden!  It has given him a new life with more years to come and a better quality of life. Thank You!


Kim Couris, Joey

Joey is a 6 yr. old doxie with IVDD. He had a ruptured disc and calcified disc removed during surgery on March 27, 2011. Since coming to Healing Waters post-op, Joey has gone from no use of his hind legs to wobbly walking in just 3 sessions. He comes one time per week, and it has made such a difference in his walking.  Thanks again to Dr. Owen for recommending Healing Waters for Joey's post-op therapy. This is priceless for these dogs.


I am Rick Warren, guardian with my wife of Jake. With your permission I will post them (pictures) on my Facebook wall, along with my ringing endorsement, of the wonderful service you provide. Although I believed that hydro-massage was a good idea, i had no idea that it would be as beneficial as it has been.  I will be happy to sing your praises to anyone, as I believe that this is a valuable service delivered in a compassionate manner. I have to believe that if it had the positive effect on a blind, old, & diabetic dog like Jake as it has, the benefit to a younger and healthier dog would be even greater.  We will be bringing our Lab Rosie (6 years) and our Beagle Lily (8 years) for recreational swimming soon. Although I believed that hydro-thermal massage was a good idea, I had no idea that it would be as beneficial as it has been.  I am happy to sing your praises to anyone as I believe that if it had the positive effect on a blind, old & diabetic dog like Jake as it has, the benefit to a younger healthier dog would even be greater.  Thanks so mu



I want to thank you for your wonderful facility and the pleasure that you gave to Casey. You don't know how much he loved to come and swim. You made his last year a truly happy one.  Thanks for everything you did for him.


Marilyn Febrache, Brady

Our golden retriever, Brady, is a regular at Healing Waters. His swim time with Beth and Judy is his absolute favorite thing in life. He whines and carries on and is such a happy boy!  Healing Waters is the place for individualized care and fun, happy times in the pool.


Morgan Lamb, Layla

Healing Waters has been such a blessing to Layla and I. Layla had cruciate surgery back in May and was not rehabilitating very well.  Her progress was slow to notice and we were both getting discouraged.  My vet referred us to Healing Waters for Aquatic Rehabilitation to see if that would help. Our first visit was pretty nerve racking. Layla had never swam before so we were both pretty nervous and unsure. She was scared of the water and needed a life jacket and two people in the pool with her to keep her in and calm.  Needless to say we stuck it out and now the word "pool" receives the same response as "car".  She is doing so well and is using her leg almost completely normal.  She is actually playing in the pool and you can see the enjoyment it brings her in her eyes!  We will continue to come to Healing Waters, as this is the best exercise I can offer her.  Whether is be for fun or for supplementing post surgery rehab, Healing Waters is a must for puppies of all ages!


Glenn and Joy Silverhart, Sadie-Female Doberman Age 11 years, 3 months

After having had surgery for disc repair in her neck at Akron Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center on September 20, 2011, she (Sadie Silverhart) remained hospitalized there for two weeks. She returned home on October 3rd where she received therapy 3 to 4 times a day. After two weeks Sadie returned to the Veterinary Clinic for a check-up. She still had not attempted to get up and stand. Her home therapist made great strides with her progress. However, the crowning touch was after her first therapy session at Healing Waters. She actually tried to walk out of the spa. After the second session she started to walk. Following five sessions, she is walking and doing some running. We are all very pleased with her progress. We will continue taking her for swimming sessions twice a week to keep her sustained. We thank everyone involved for her great progress!

Judi Solly and Britta

I started bringing my 3 year old Rottweiler, Britta, to Healing Waters in December 2011. Since starting, the progress she has made is astounding. The once stout Britta has already lost 5lbs. Also, she had suffered from a right shoulder injury for quite some time and now she no longer limps. When Britta first began she was hesitant, to say the least, about the water. However, thanks to Beth and Judy's patience, she is now diving into the pool like a champ. Everyone at Healing Waters is friendly, professional, and truly cares about each dog that comes in. Our experience has surpassed our expectations and Britta and I cannot thank them enough for all they have done.



Rosemary Hayne, Sammie

My dog Sammie was diagnosed with a torn ACL last fall, so rather than have him go through surgery, I decided to try other options first-which included swimming at Healing Waters and cold laser therapy. I am so happy to report that he has no apparent pain and he runs and plays as he used to before the injury. Plus everyone at Healing Waters is so friendly and helpful-Sam and I both enjoy going there.


Michelle Vickers, Spud

I am so grateful for the wonderful people at Healing Waters. Thanks to them for taking the time to work w/Spud who would not use his leg 7 weeks out after his FHO surgery. After 8 sessions at Healing Waters he is using his leg almost 100% of the time. By the end of the 8th session he was pulling me through the door and getting in by himself (Spud used to HATE water).  I was very skeptical at first to go this route but knew hydrotherapy was supposed to be really good. So glad I made this choice. I would 100% recommend Healing Waters to anyone.  Thank you.


Becky & Tony DeGirolamo, Brutus

Brutus started therapy @ Healing Waters 5 weeks after having back surgery. He had no use of his hind legs at that time. After his first massage appointment he began dragging those hind legs & became a little more mobile. After his third session he was able to stand without help & he could take 1-2 steps on his own. a few days later was his fourth appointment, and he was able to show off his new walk! He's now using all 4 feet & even running sometimes!! Today was his fifth session and he's so much stronger & able to swim mostly on his own. After every session we saw a change in his progress & his mobility. My husband & I are so grateful to the gals at Healing Waters for helping Brutus get back on his feet ... LITERALLY! We feel so lucky to have the service Beth & Judy provide, not only for pets that need therapy but for fun & exercise too!

Solo the Bulldog Swims:

Solo, the Bulldog, came to Healing Waters for strengthening and weight loss. She is not your typical water dog and really didn't like to swim. However, eventually, this little lady began to enjoy her time in the water. During this time, Solo tore both of her ACL 's and had surgery. She continued to swim and her recovery was swift and complete.   She continues to come very week to maintain her strength and stay fit. thank you Healing waters staff for keeping my girl healthy and happy!  

The Gabrys family