Golden puppies, 2 months old, learning to swim 

Gibson's first swim. In the water, he can use his legs. Amazing! 

Gibson's Amazing Recovery

Belle , "Swimmer Puppy" 3 weeks old, using her legs for the first time!   Truly wonderful as she progresses. Check out the next video! 

Belle, at 2 years old, after swimming at Healing Waters and a lot of work by her human mother, running an Agility Course for the first time!     What an exciting time for her! 

Some dogs just love to float. Rocky is 13 and enjoys his time in the pool

Rocky, at a younger age, training for his "Dock Diving" experience. He really loves to come swimming. 

Solo, our "bullet" bulldog. She swims like a fish and truly loves it!   Bulldogs are not known to be good swimmers but don't tell Solo that! 

Buster, 8 years old and Valen, 4 months old love to swim together.